Top 5 most popular commercial vehicles

According to studies of the sales of various types of vehicles that are either made ​​annually by automakers or by the media, we have prepared TOP 5 best selling utility vehicles ( compact , SUV , etc. )

How the study carry out ?

On the basis of mutual cooperation of vehicle registration offices , Automotive Industry Association and the Association of Automobile Importers are published annually with information on vehicle sales , divided into classes :

small commercial vehicles ( N1 cat ) - flatbed, box , etc. .

Coach (cat M2 and M3)

trucks ( cat.N2 and N3)

- cat. N2 - to 6 tons , below 7.5 t, 7.5 t and over the 12 t

- cat. N 3 - under 18 t, under 22 and above 22 tons) and by type ( flatbed, box , tractor , dump truck )

motorcycles and mopeds ( cat L ) - 50cc to 50cc and over

TOP 5 commercial vehicles

On the 5th place was Kia Sportage . 4th place belongs to Skoda Roomster. At the 3rd position placed Volkswagen Caddy . Second place is taken by Ford Transit and the winner of 2013 became Škoda Yeti in its class.

Why become a winner in the class of compact utility vehicle ?

Škoda Yeti is the most popular in category of compact commercial vehicles. In its ‚outdor' version captivated many fans of outdoor terrain. The revised bow and stern , alloy wheels , new fresh interior , smart features - this and much more awaits us at the end of 2013, when the new model will shine on the Czech car market.

Models affected by modernization, hit them in the whole range. Especially commercial vehicles are growing segment of the market. And Skoda don't want to be even a little bit behind.

The new models are available in two variants - the city model - very elegant design, quiet operation and lower chassis . The second option is outdoor - higher chassis, sophisticated design of bumpers and moldings in black plastic.

The icing on the cake is the new logo placed on the hood of sharp lines and hard edges.

Well , judge for yourself how the Czech favorite turn out to be. a


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