New Faces at top selling commercial vehicles in the Czech Republic

Volkswagen would like to change the existing concept of commercial vehicles . It should serve time for the eyes to beholdof their owners and the general public. Models such as: Caddy and or Transporter would be significantly slušivější wear a coatwill be much more fashionable in the form of in the form of models or Amarok Caddy or Cross Canyon. Both cars were tested in mountain conditions. Amarok ventured challenged successfully on unpaved roads. The project lies mainly in the details of vehicle , eye -catching color combinations, eye -catching and mainly in better and stronger more durable materials.

Whole, then there are more familyIt looks more like a family car, although the car's functionality as a utility remained completely unchanged. Both models are available inin version 5-seat and digit and 7- digitseat utility vehicle versions.

In the oil diesel and gas , with an output power within range fromof 63 kW to 125 kW. Customers can choose among 4x4 or not.

Nové modely VW -

The models are designed with the elegance of their own - are soundproofed, has a perfect view of the landscape and systematically placed controls .

And what was the motivation for creating timeless design of commercial vehicles?

In the spring of last year has seen athere was a decline in sales of VW vans on the market. Between 2009 and 2010, VW wasn't the most popular brand vehicles on the market.  iIn the late 2011 and 2012, however, VW commercial vehicle manufacturer  took a new strategy VW commercial vehicle manufacturer and the year -ended as best-selling brand ofat all. With the exception of the supplies vans  which where it takes third placeare sold to third.

However, as time andto market and showed, the best selling and most popular cars became Caddy, Transporter and Crafter . It was therefore a logical next step in diversification of these models on the market. This also applies to version 4 x 4 . In Czech republic, Bohemia themis  annually sellsold more than in the above -lying countries. Czechs 4 x 4 just love and want 4x4.

Overview of vehicle sales in the Czech Republic in the first quarter of 2012

In the segment of light commercial vehicles:

1) Model Transporter 199 cars

2) Model Caddy 138 cars

3) Model Crafter 106 cars

4 ) Model Amarok 95 cars

In the segment of passenger cars:

1) Model 280 Caddy 280  cars

2 ) T5 ( Transporter, Multivan , Caravelle and California) - 313 cars


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