Mercedes – Benz Atego EURO 6

Mercedes - Benz Atego had great success in public back in 1997. During the years evolved into a popular and reliable truck that is used for the transport of products of many companies around the world. In the year 2014 the new series arrived. In addition to Actros, Arocs and Antos models we should not forget the smallest member of the family - Atego.

Role of MB's smallest of the family of trucks is no lesser than its big brother. In today's world, every professional driver spends almost all the time just in the car - for food, rest, etc. on the road.

Mercedes - Benz Atego Euro 6

7.5 ton truck class C, with a history dating back 17 years ago now offers enhancements that the present demands. Today, the Atego can also take a tour off the highway and you do not have to be slaves of speed limitation.

Class C1 is playing an increasingly important role in the light freight, but it takes a lot of effort to find or train driver with license class C (previously Class 2). Many carriers rather choose larger vehicles (10-12 tons), which has the same chassis as the 7.5 -ton truck, but better service load.

Mercedes has high hopes for its comprehensively revised model Atego, which shares only the same cabin and chassis to its predecessor. It ranges from 7.5 tons to 16 tons in weight and offers four - to six-cylinder engines. In Europe, certainly there will be more models on the market.

Mercedes-Benz Atego Euro 6


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